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30 days to life is a reality, variety, cross-country web series about B~Swann spending 30 days on a road trip to L.A. showing the real life journey of an actor in per suit of a dream to move to L.A. and follow a dream of becoming an actor, writer, director, producer and everything else involving the filming business.

Prior to departure, casting calls will be made for actors.


Brian Swann Bio

Brian Swann, born and raised in Charles County, Maryland, graduated from Lackey High School and soon after moved to Prince Georges County, Maryland to pursue a successful career as a Nail Technician. In 2003, Brian began to study the art of acting at Howard University and the Shakespeare Theater, and fell in love with performing on stage and in front of camera. Brian has since performed in plays, has written several skits and small screenplays. Brian currently resides in Prince Georges County, Maryland, primarily working as a Nail Technician and a Realtor, and he continues to aspire to obtain an acting career in the TV/Film industry. Following the recent real estate and economy downturn, Brian has decided to make a Big Career change and plan a move to California to pursue his dreams of making his own way on to the big screen.

Brian’s hobbies include watching and playing football, fantasy football, movies, poker, traveling, having fun and riding anything that has a motor and can go fast!


DC to LA Itinerary.

Depart Dc June 1st at 9am arriving in atl 8pm june 1st
Filming in Atlanta june 2nd thru june 5th
Departing Atlanta june 6th at 9am arriving in New Orleans at 5pm
Filming in New Orleans june 7th thru june 10th
Departing New Orleans june 11th at 9am arriving in San Antonio at 7pm
Filming in San Antonio june 12th thru june 13th
Departing San Antonio june 14th at 9am and arriving in Las Cruces at 8pm
Departing Las Cruces june 15th at 9am and arriving in LA. at 9pm
Filming in LOS ANGELES June 16th thru june 22th
Departing LOS ANGELES june 23rd and arriving in LAS VAGAS.
Filming Celabration party

Under construction. Please come back soon.


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