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What is a Dream? A succession of images, thoughts, and emotions passing thru the mind of something that may not be conceivable! What is your Dream? We spend hours, days, months, years and even lifetimes talking about our dreams but what are we doing to accomplish them. You have to be determined, motivated, focused, and committed to making the sacrifice in order to achieve your dreams. 30 Days To Life is just that! 30 Days To Life is a Realty/Varity web series created by Brian Swann to show case his wide range of talents in acting, writing, producing and directing films.The web series follows Brian as he prepares to embark on a month-long road trip from DC to LA in an effort to launch a full-time career in acting. On this month long trip, viewers will be able to follow him from city to city as he films various skits and the struggles of trying to break into the entertainment business.


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